Yale Figure

Skating Club

Yale FSC Safesport Locker Room Policy
  • Locker rooms are Co-Ed. 

  •  If changing of attire is required, then skaters may change in a restroom within the  facility to allow for privacy. 

  • Parents/guardians may accompany their child/children in the locker rooms.

  • Procedures for supervising and monitoring locker rooms and changing areas:

    • The ice monitor checks the locker rooms before and in the middle of the  sessions.

    • All Board members who are present during these sessions monitor the locker  rooms whenever they pass by them. 

  •  The use of any type of recording device (including but not limited to cameras, video cameras, and mobile phones) is strictly prohibited. 

Rules and Safety

Safety and courtesy are of utmost importance. Each skater must respect the right of others to make effective use of their ice time.

General Rules

  • Only skaters who are registered in or have paid a guest fee for a session may skate during that session. Guesting is not allowed in Learn To Skate sessions.

  • Skaters must check in with the Session Chair when entering the ice.

  • Skaters may not enter the ice until their session time, and they must leave the ice promptly at the end.

  • The Club is not responsible for personal property.

  • The session chair has the responsibility and authority to enforce all rules and may ask a skater to leave the ice or withdraw from the session.

Etiquette and Safety

  • Parents or guardians of children under must remain in the rink. They should stay in a location known to the skater and visible to the child's coach.

  • Children 8 years and under need a parent in the rink. 

  • Skaters must stay with their group instructor during lessons.

  • Helmets are required for all Snowplow, Basic 1, Basic 2 and Adult 1 skaters.

  • Eating, drinking and gum chewing on the ice is strongly discouraged.

  • Coaches must teach and skaters must learn how to avoid standing in the way of others. If you have been standing still, please look at the traffic before you move!

  • Skating and instruction must be in keeping with the number of people on the ice. Double jumps are not appropriate in sessions with a large number of very young skaters.

  • Coaches should take turns playing music on the rink's system. Other music systems should not be brought onto the ice.

  • A skater who is wearing one of the colorful vests has the right of way while their program music is being played.

  • Jumpers who create pits in the ice must fill them with "snow" before the ice is resurfaced.

  • A skater must always look at nearby traffic before starting to skate.


This is a partial list of rules. Some safety rules are simple common sense. Ultimately, personal safety is the responsibility of each skater and/or skating parent.

Guest Policy

Only subscribers may skate at the Basic Skills sessions. Space permitting, Practice Ice sessions are open to qualified skaters who meet these conditions.

  • Guests must be USFSA members.

  • The skating level of the guest must be appropriate for the session.

  • Children and adults in the lower levels of the Yale FSC Basic Skills program may have a lesson during a practice session, however they must be accompanied by a coach at all times

  • In all cases, the session chair may decide that the skater's level or behavior is not appropriate

  • Coaches must be pre-approved by Yale FSC. A guest may bring an approved guest coach only with the approval of the session chair. Learn more about Guest Coach Policies. Such approval is normally granted only during the week before the skater is to take a test at a Yale FSC test session.

Accident Policy and Procedure
  • It is the policy of YFSC to require signed medical release forms of all its members.

  • If an accident occurs, notify the session chair immediately.

  • If the injury is serious, or might be, do not move the injured person.


The session chair will call 911 for help. (To reach Yale Police, dial 911 from a campus phone, located in Zamboni room, or 203-432-4400 from an outside phone.) The session chair will then attempt to notify the parent, or emergency contact, if the parent cannot be immediately located.

Refund Policy

​Please download a copy of our full Membership, and Learn to Skate Refund Policy.