Yale Figure

Skating Club

How to Become a Member of Yale FSC
You do not need to be a member of the Yale community to join Yale FSC. This is your Club. As a voting member, you have a say in how the Club is run. We encourage everyone to join and to participate in Club activities. 
The skating season is divided into two terms: fall and winter. Fees for each term are payable in full before the beginning of that term unless other payment arrangements are made. USFSA and Yale FSC membership fees are paid on an annual basis and are payable before the first term skated. They are not reduced for mid-year registrations.
All members of Yale FSC are required to be members of USFSA. Membership in USFSA may be maintained through our Club or through another club. Those who register through our Club are called Home Club members of the Yale FSC; others are called Non-Home Club members. Membership is open to non-skaters as well as skaters. Voting privileges in Yale FSC are restricted to Home Club members age 18 and above. All skaters are required to fill out the Emergency Information Form below.

Home Club or Non-Home Club members who are affiliated with Yale University (faculty, staff, fellows, students, or alumni) and members of their immediate family are said to be Yale-affiliated members. Non-affiliated Club members are known as Community members. They enjoy the same member benefits as Yale-affiliated members except for a small fee discount.

Please fill out all forms below to become a Yale FSC Member